Microdermabrasion ( Crystal free) with Facial

Have you seen the skin of an onion? Now that I have your attention, Let me tell you more! As we age, Our skin doesn’t shed our dry epidermal layers of skin in one piece, causing us to appear blotchy, have minor skin discoloration, adult onset acne , and more.With Skin Resurfacing, using a natural Diamond encrusted wand , instead of Aluminum crystals that may be related to some age related illnesses,such as Alzheimers.Now that your skin is fresh and clear , without dull dry skin cells blocking your skin, you are now ready for a facial to remove any unwanted blackheads effectively from your skin.Finish off this lovely treatment with LED Light system that help stimulate collagen and elastin fibers for a more youthful appearance. Call Kathy to reserve your spot 631-737-2070 , or 631-681-6102 cell # call/text http://www.thespa4skin.com

Electrolysis ( Permanent Hair Removal)

Laser is Great! But when a person has gray or white hair,it is not able to pick up these light color hairs due to lack of melanin. Therefore, Electrolysis is needed to complete the job of unwanted hair permanently. NY STATE LICENSED TEACHER/PRACTIONER of Laser Hair Removal, Electrolysis, Advanced Aesthetics. Please call for your free evaluation today 631-737-2070 office , or cell 631-681-6102 Private and Professional for more than 25 years experience!