Back Hurt from Snow Shoveling? YOU need a Massage!

Too much Shoveling of snow over the past few days? Back spasms, aches? Fret no more! You need a massage by a professional LMT! Call Kathy LMT today! 631-737-2070 or cell 631-681-6102 …Some spots left for today!!! Hurray , and make that call!

Have Stress??? Need a Massage? Call Kathy LMT 631-681-6102/631-737-2070

Got Stress? YOU Need a massage!!! Did you know that a therapeutic massage safely relaxes you without any supplements Helps to reduce blood pressure, improves circulation, great for everyone! call Kathy LMT 631-681-6102 cell # call/ text or office # 631-737-2070 to set up your Massage session today!

Folliculitis Barbae? INGROWN hairs? Laser Is the answer!

Have Ingrown Hairs on your face, men? Ingrown Bikini Hair? Women, get ingrown hairs on bikini area from shaving and waxing. Underarms too! Safely and Gently remove hair permanently via laser hair removal…Now is the time to start..Wait no longer!Be Hair free with smooth skin by Summer! Call Kathy at 631-681-6102 cell# call / text or 631-737-2070 office # NY STATE LICENSED and Insured

Ear Candling : A Holistic approach to Ear Cleansing, Naturally

Ear popping? Equilibrium disturbances? Well, Fret no more! Try The New , Ancient way of Ear cleansing Ear coning /Ear candling dates back to Cleopatra and Ancient Egypt from rolling pieces of papyrus into cone shapes, placing in ear , lighting one end which produces a kaleidoscope of smoke , which kills parasites, fungus , and many other infections. Fluid and wax accumulation is eliminated. Call Kathy 631-737-2070 , or 631-681-6102 cell/text  open 7 days by appointment. FEEL the difference after just one Ear candling session.

Happy New Year Greetings to ALL! 2015

Lets Start with your Goals for 2015! Look Younger…Feel Terrific! , Get rid of Aches and pains naturally..Get A Therapeutic Massage with Kathy LMT 631-737-2070 or 631-681-6102 cell /text Get Hair Free  by SUMMER…Start Laser hair Removal now!!!!In as little as 6-8 treatments …Un sightly Unwanted hair will be a thing of the past…Get fast , quick results with state of the art equipment 631-737-2070