Ear Candling …A Natural Approach to Ear Cleansing

Did you know that Ear Candling, also known as Ear coning,dates back to Ancient times in Egypt as Cleopatra used rolled pieces of papyrus into a wand shaped cone, inserted into the ear canal , and lit. The smoke killed a various amount of candida, parasites, amongst other beneficial qualities. Absorption of water and mucous, which turns to a yellow powder during a candling session, provides relief from equilibrium disturbances, and ear popping ,along with vertigo. Excess wax is melted ,and sucked into candle like a spiral vortex. After the session ceases, The candle in unraveled and you can see the amount of debris that comes from your ears. On average, Ear candling should be done at least once every season. When the weather changes outside, pressure builds up inside your ear canal, that can cause disturbances. More often is recommended, if you need it. Especially good before  plane travel, or more frequently, if you are sick with a cold or flu. Or just getting over being ill. You feel clean, refreshed, rejuvenated , and relaxed. Call Kathy 631-737-2070 office #,or cell /text # 631-681-6102. Open 7 days by appointment for Men & Women in a private professional Officeheadshot_6024


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