Got Stress from Christmas Shopping? get a Massage today! 631-737-2070 Kathy LMT

Reward yourself today with a rewarding Massage to Relax, Rejuvenate, and Revive yourself the Natural way … With a Swedish or Deep tissue massage! melt into my Table after Heat Packs are applied to your back to help break down the “fascia” which is connective tissue that wraps around the muscle causing restriction, and pain in some cases. Helps to bring blood flow to the muscles prior to massage, then Gently manipulating the body with gentle long effleurage strokes, and kneading the skin, along with petrisage also known as ‘kneading ‘ the skin to help break up the adhesions the causes restrictictions “ROM” Each and Every Massage is custom -tailored just for you! Call Kathy today to book your session 631-737-2070 office # or 631-681-6102 cell # Open 7 Days by Appointment for Men & Women in a private professional office!


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